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--Timeless moment with a cup of coffee -

In January 2015, Cafe Lampilica was opened in the town called "Katase", near Enoshima island.

"Lampilica" is an Ainu language.

"lam" is  <Mind> and <Spirit>

"pilica"  is <beautiful>, <pure>, and <feeling good>.

"In a spacious space surrounded by beautiful music, pictures and light that make you forget the time, just a cup of coffee makes your mind and body relax."

Owner has created "Cafe Lampilica" with such hope.

Seven years have passed since its birth.

The expression of the coffee shop has changed little by little.

We are very thankful to people who have loved and visited this place for a long time.

We will continue to cherish to create a comfortable space, brew coffee and cook meals respectfully one by one.

Still, without being bound by the frame of "Coffee Shop",

we always hope that nice wind of expression and freedom  keep on blowing through this place.

April 2022    

Cafe Lampilica owner  

Chiaki Yoshihiro  

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