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Opening ticket details

◎ About opening date

Please let us know your desired opening date.
We will make a decision after consultation in light of the coffee shop event and charter schedule.

◎ Opening hours

The store is basically open for 6 hours at your favorite time between 10:00 and 21:00.


◎ About the menu

After consultation in advance, we will decide the menu for the day with the shop owner.

(Menu example)
Old Beans Coffee Various Organic Herbal Tea Various Fruit Smoothies Various Organic Whole Grain Fluffy Pancakes

Vegan Chocolate Truffle Fruit Low Cake (Vegan Cake Not Cooked)
Seasonal soup and baguette



◎ Price

Free charge of 100,000 yen or more
* You can also purchase with your friends.



◎ Application

Please use this form .

◎ Request

At Cafe Rampirika, it is important for the staff to relax, brew coffee and cook with happiness.

We believe that the taste of coffee and food is greatly influenced by the condition of the person who makes them.

Therefore, it may not meet your expectations regarding the "speed" of the service.

However, with all my heart, I decided to create dishes and spaces one by one, beautifully and politely.

On the other hand, I think we can meet your expectations without any compromise.
We are waiting for applications from those who can sympathize with such a coffee shop.


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