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rental fee

Facility usage fee

[Lending time]

  6:00   ~  22:00  

(Please apply from 3 hours or more)

⚫︎ General use

¥ 3,500 /time

¥ 30,000 / All day

⚫︎ Corporate / commercial use

¥ 5,500 / hour

¥ 45,000 / All day

*  It is a price display excluding tax.

*  It is close to the neighboring houses.

    The sound of musical instruments after 20:00

    Please refrain from talking in a loud voice.

Paid option

⚫︎ Projector & Screen

⚫︎ Coffee drip set

(Drip pot, mill, stainless dripper

   Server, IH tabletop stove, heat-resistant cup, water purification pot)

* Please prepare coffee beans

* If you wish to purchase at a coffee shop

Please let us know in advance

⚫︎ Wild grass tea (hot)

In the heat insulation pot (2 liters), we will prepare a popular menu of coffee shops, wild grass tea from Misugi Town, Mie Prefecture. Heat resistant glasses are also available. Please share it with all the participants.

¥ 1,000  

⚫︎ Air conditioning

⚫︎ Yoga mat (up to 5)

⚫︎ Blackboard & Chalk

⚫︎  Treatment bed

⚫︎ Cooler box (please prepare ice)

⚫︎ Garbage collection

Please apply if you want to leave your garbage in the store. We will give you a designated garbage bag, so please separate combustibles, cans, bottles, and plastics.


¥ 500

herb tea_edited.jpg

Free option

⚫︎ Cushion (up to 10)

⚫︎ Chabudai

⚫︎ Bluetooth speaker

⚫︎ Musical instruments

(Upright piano, guitar, cajon)

⚫︎ 1 parking lot

*  Advance reservation is required.

  It may not be accepted depending on the day.

  note that.

*  If you do not have a reservation, or for the second and subsequent cars

  We will guide you to nearby coin parking lots.



Catering service

Coffee shop menus, seasonal dishes, etc.

You can enjoy it by catering.

Click here for details and application

→ Catering Service

* Depending on the schedule, we may not be able to accept your request.note that.

⚫︎ Coffee pot service

Using carefully selected beans, we will prepare coffee brewed by hand drip in a heat insulating pot. (About 7 to 8 cups)

Please use it for meetings, parties, workshops, etc.

¥ 4,000  


⚫︎ Hand drip service

Within the specified hourThe owner brews coffee. If you have a request, we will carefully tell you the tips for brewing coffee deliciously. Please prepare coffee beans or purchase them in the store.

* We may not be able to accept your request depending on the schedule.

Please be sure to consult us in advance.

¥ 4,000 / hour


⚫︎ Coffee beans sale

You can purchase the coffee beans used on the opening day of the coffee shop. Please contact us in advance for prices, types and quantities.  

* Applications cannot be made on the day of use. note that.


Coffee service

Coffee service

※  価格は全て税抜表示です。

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