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Facility charter terms of use

It is a prerequisite to agree to the following terms in order to use the facility charter.

Please print this page, sign it, and bring it to the coffee shop on the reserved day.

① When returning the facility, it is necessary to restore the current state of the facility. The borrower shall bear the repair, repair and cleaning costs incurred due to facility damage, breakdown, stains, etc. caused by the borrower, and shall compensate for any damages.

(2) When returning the rented item, it is necessary to restore the item to its current state. Customers are responsible for repair costs, replacement costs, cleaning costs, etc. that are incurred due to damage, breakdown, stains, etc. of the goods.

③ Please inform the coffee shop manager about the purpose of use and the number of people at the time of application. Please note that the charter may be refused depending on the content.

④ Please avoid any acts that may cause inconvenience to people near the coffee shop.

⑤ If there is a complaint from a person near the coffee shop due to significant noise, we will stop using it even if the facility is being rented. In that case, the usage fee will not be refunded.

⑥ You can bring your own food and drink. Please take all the garbage that accompanies it with you.

⑦ If you leave your garbage in a coffee shop, please pay a handling fee and 500 yen as a garbage bag designated by Fujisawa City. Please separate the garbage and hand it to the coffee shop manager when you return the facility.

⑧ Due to the hygiene law, customers cannot enter the kitchen. Please note that you cannot wash dishes or use the refrigerator.

⑨ If the coffee shop manager decides that the rental is not preferable, such as violating the terms of use, we will suspend the use even if the rental is in progress.

⑩ For cancellation after application, the prescribed cancellation fee will be charged.

cancellation charge


Starting from the day of use

  • (1) From 5 days to 3 days before: 30% of facility usage fee

  • (2) From 3 days to 1 day before: 50% of facility usage fee

  • (3) On the day: 100% of the facility usage fee

Reiwa date

(Representative name or organization name) will comply with the above terms of use (1) to (10).



Name / organization name stamp

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